News from 10/02/2013

Yesterday , we have build a second 40m antenna : a GP just above the Victoria Lake.
It isn't far away from the other 40m antenna because we have no more coax cable. That's why we share the coax with the 160m GP.
F5VHQ, who's coming next wednesday will bring us 140m more cable (TNX F5LPY and F6DVH). With this new antenna , we could have 2 stations on the same time on 40mCette nouvelle antenne permet donc d'avoir (CW/SSB or CW/RTTY or SSB/RTTY). The RX beverage to ASIA was build again but it's not so good as it should be. It's better from some EU but no more gain for JA.
We 're still waiting for the authorization to put again the EU/NA beverage in the neighbourhood.
We tried a Flag Pole too but no good. With this hard conditions on the Top band, where 95% of QSO were done using the TX vertical Antenna (S9 Noise), we made 70 JA happy in 2 nights (2 X 45 minutes openings) We'll do this till the end of the expedition. The RTTY station is running in the WPX contest . The log will be uploaded after the end of the contest. Today NH6T visit us with his new 5X1C callsign . He will live here for the next years.
The upper bands are closed very early and open not before our Sunrise. With these conditions , it's very difficult to have all the 6 stations on the aire without disturbing the others on same band.